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ECW 1/2

The usual high hopes went yet again down the drain on Tuesday night for ECW, as they took a prime opportunity to come up with a solid main event, and basically turned it into a farce of a match that left the fans as well as the viewers at home short changed yet again. The main was a face vs face title match between RVD and Bobby Lashley for the title, and you could tell right from the start that the difference in styles was going to make this match a train wreck. That is exactly what it was, all the way to the end, when they went with the "double injury" finish as RVD flew off the ring apron onto Lashley, who was on the announcer table.

The move looked weak on TV, and appeared to be botched with Lashley getting to his feet, and then RVD made what looked like a disgusted look on his face, almost telling the crowd that Lashley had already messed up the move. I think the move called for Lashley to stay down on the table, but who knows. The entire thing was a disaster, and it took the ECW belt, which wasn't exactly strong to begin with, and made it look like a total joke. In hindsight, Lashley is not the right man for the belt anyway, and if ECW has even close to a chance to succeed, I think they need to move it over to RVD, or some other ECW original.

What made the night even worse is it looks as if they are going to end up going with a TV feud between Lashley and Test, who totally buried Sabu, and before the match cut a promo about winning the three-way last week and how he should have been tapped to fight Lashley. Ugh. Their house show matches have been weak at best, and now it looks as if this might be the ECW feud they push all the way to Mania. If nothing else, they should continue to build on the RVD and Lashley bout, even with it being a disaster, and push that for Mania, with RVD finally getting the belt back, which is what the fans want.

Two other matches were boredom at best, with Elijah Burke and Syl Terkay beating the FBI, and Kevin Thorn beating Balls Mahoney. Of course a match like Thorn and Mahoney shows just how weak the ECW roster is, as they have had that match on TV at least 3 times, and even tried to have some sort of program between the two. This time there was no program, it was just a boring match that they let Thorn go over in.

The main event was really the only thing worth talking about, and even with that, it was bad. Hopefully the two (RVD and Lashley) can continue to work together and get some sort of chemistry, that way if we are forced to see a program between the two leading into Mania the match on Tuesday night truly will be a springborad for better to come.

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