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Rumble, Miami RAW, Summerslam & A conversation with An ECW Star

Lots of big things happening right now in the WWE with the Royal Rumble in less than a month. Some things on the SmackDown side will be moving forward tonight on the Best of SmackDown 2006 show as GM Teddy Long will announce a "SmackDown Sprint" that will involve wrestlers winning their matches in the shortest time getting the Rumble title shot at Batista. The SmackDown roster is pretty weak as far as major heels are concerned, so who will win it is anyones guess. The obvious rumor mill guess is that the Undertaker may win it, and thus you have he and Batista for the Rumble, but personally I think they are going to save that in some form for Mania in April, but you never know.

The Monday Night RAW this Monday in Miami is a very hot ticket right now. The WWE is really hoping that they get some mainstream attention with bringing in a celeb (if you want to call him that) like Kevin Federline. I can't see he and John Cena having much of a match, and frankly I have been a little underwhelmed with the hype for the event, but I guess in hindsight they can't do too much physical interaction with Federline since he probably is not much inside the ring, and would likely get whipped and hurt with some sort of pre-Monday night alteraction.

SummerSlam tickets for 2007 in New Jersey go on sale tomorrow already. Hard to believe that just five days after Christmas that many people have wads of cash sitting around to shell out for the event, but the WWE seems to think that people are going to up for buying the show, which will take place at the Meadowlands. Top ticket price is $400, which is higher than some of the floor seats for Mainia this year. Of course they can always sell the event on the fact that Hogan has done the past two, but of course that means nothing for August of 2007.

If you ever want to meet wrestlers without having to wait in line for hours for autographs, I suggest that you hang out at the local gyms the day of and day after events in your town. Wednesday when the SmackDown and ECW brand was in town and again on Thursday there were a few different wrestlers hanging out at the Bally's about 10 minutes away from my house. Wednesday morning Bobby Lashey was working out along with Tommy Dreamer. On Thursday Dreamer, Test, and Kelly Kelly all were in the gym doing a workout. I spoke for about 5 minutes or so with Dreamer, who you could tell was legit sore from the match he and Sandman had with Davari and Kahli on Wednesday night. Nothing much came of the conversation other than the whole Paul Heyman sent home thing was not a work, and that Heyman is still under contract with the WWE and is sitting home getting paid, which Dreamer said was a great gig. Dreamer was a super nice guy, and over the past two years I have now had a chance to speak to him, Edge, and have seen the three Thursday along with Edge and Coachman all working out at local gyms.

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