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SmackDown 12/22

WWE SmackDown on Friday night wrapped up the year with a few decent matches and not much else. The finale of the year was a tag match between Undertaker and Kane vs King Booker and Finley. It was a pretty non-descript show that other than a few matches there was not much to talk about. The SmackDown brand I still think should just link up full-time with ECW. They won't do that, but at the same time, I think that would be the best thing for both brands. They would have some solid matches and the infusion of talent from the ECW side would make for some great PPV's and cards. Wednesday I will be at the SmackDown/ECW Supershow here in Cleveland, and I am looking forward to what cats they pull out of the hat.

As for the rest of the show, the Chavo-Benoit match on the show was the best wrestling show, and I guess that as far as whole Chavo-Vicki realtionship is concerned, they are going to go in another direction with that. I still think they are going to do what took place last night with Chavo pushing Vicki down as a setup for another turn against Benoit. The thing is, they have yet to put the belt on Chavo and had plenty of chances to do so, so I don't think if they have done it yet they are going to do it.

One other big highlight on the show was the way that Joey Mercury looked after Sunday's PPV. Wow, talk about bad. If anyone does not think that what happens in that ring has a sense of reality, than take a look at Mercury. His face looked like he had just went through a war, and it looked really puffed up. The match between Nitro and Matt Hardy, which took place after Mercury came out, was pretty good as well.

JBL calling out Teddy Long was interesting, and I am not quite sure as to where they are going with that angle. I think they are heading towards some sort of angle down the road where JBL is going to be the new GM of the show. Just a guess, but I don't know what other angle they could take with it.

Overall, again, a so-so show, with nothing more than a few matches. I didn't like that we didn't see London and Kendrick, but oh well. I think they really need to evulate what they are going to do with SmackDown in 2007, and as stated before, I think that ECW could have something to do with that.

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