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A Look at the 2007 New Years Revolution

WWE will present a RAW PPV Sunday from Kansas City called "New Years Revolution." The past two years the PPV has been highlighted by a main event championship match that has been in an elimination chamber, but the undercard has been somewhat weak, and the card was totally built around the main event. This year, the main event is a simple, yet strong looking WWE title bout between challenger Umaga and champion John Cena. The remainder of the undercard is okay, with the big match being a tag between DX and Rated RKO. Below are some thoughts on some of the matches going in:

Umaga vs Cena for the WWE Title: Last year at this event, they pulled the belt off Cena for the first time since he won it and gave it to Edge in a sort of screwjob finish where he cashed in his "Money in the Bank" match win from WrestleMania of the year before. This year, Cena seems pretty strong going in, and with plans of him having the belt in a title defense of some kind at Mania in April, I can't see him losing to Umaga here. With that, Umaga has the look of a solid challenger, and I can see a no-contest ending resulting in a rematch with a stip at the Royal Rumble.

DX vs Rated RKO - These two teams have been going at it for about the past three-four months, and this one should be the finale, despite the fact that they can take this match and make the feud longer with more matches with stips on them down the road. These four work well together, and I can see either team going over, but recently DX has been beaten up time after time by RKO, so I think DX will get the win here. There are also rumors of Daniel Rodimer coming in to join RKO, so he may show up here to cause DX to lose.

Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro (cage match) for the IC Belt: Another pair that have been wrestling each other since the summer, and this one should for sure end this feud, and with it should come an outstanding match in a cage. Nitro's game has been lifted big time with his matches with Hardy, and it reminds me of a few years back when Edge became a star after his long series of matches with Kurt Angle. I look for a great, high flying match with Hardy walking out with the belt.

Mickie James vs Victoria for the Womens Title: They have built Victoria up to be a solid contender for the belt, which is a nice change than just a non-descript woman wrestling the champ for no reason. James hasen't been on TV much wrestling since winning the belt two months ago, so we'll see if she has any rust going in. Victoria is the favorite and better wrestler going in, but James should win here.

Ric Flair vs Kenny Dykstra: Kenny should win, but I think Flair cheats to win, then gets beat up after the match by the younger Dysktra. It will be interesting to see what they do with Dykstra, as they need to change the character other than the whinning, young guy that plays the arrogant heel that uses his age as a reason to be where he is at.

Carlito vs Chris Matsters: A throw away match between two guys that were once parteners. Carlito needs some new direction, and I think an IC title challenge may be in the works after he gets done with Masters. For Masters, he will likely stay in role of lower card heel here with a loss.

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