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SmackDown 11/10

SmackDown Friday night on CW was taped on Monday as part of a Supershow in Columbus before RAW went on live at 9pm, and the show did a solid job I thought in starting to get some things moving as they head towards the Survivor Series in Philly at the end of the month. The main event was a grudge match between Batista and FInley, that saw Batista get a clean win, and a title shot at King Booker at the upcoming PPV.

Booker was in action early on the show, as they put him in a title match with Lashley, which Booker won by holding the tights. Word has it that Lashley will be the wrestler that will jump ship to ECW, which could be a very interesting move as he could have some very solid matches with Big Show, as well as guys like Test and Hardcore Holly. Look for that move to happen this upcoming week on the ECW Tuesday night show.

Actual wrestling was few and far between on the show, as they had just a total of five matches, including one being a total squash as Boogeyman beat T.J. Dalton. Next week Miz is going to challenge Boogeyman, which should be nothing more than a comedy fest with Miz running all over the ring trying to avoid the worm eater. Chris Benoit beat K.C. James in a U.S. non-title match, and Matt Hardy and Jimmy Wang beat Gregory Helms and Sylvan.

Benoit is heading towards a US Title program with Chavo, and a match between the two was confirmed for the PPV. These two know each other well, and while the Eddie angle is for sure there, they should not have the need to drag it out as much as they did with Mystero and Chavo. The two (Benoit and Chavo) should have some pretty heated and solid matches, and even with a match at the PPV, this could be a feud that lasts up till the Royal Rumble.

The other build up for a match at the PPV is Kennedy vs the Undertaker, as Kennedy called out Taker, and then beat him up with a mic, leaving him bloody. I am not sure about this feud, as unless you totally let Kennedy over, why would you waste his character on being yet another victim for Taker? We all know that Taker is nearing the end, and allowing him to squash Kennedy in a PPV match for a clean win does no favors for anyone.

It was a pretty solid show overall, as the wrestling in the opener and main events saved the night, with the remainder of the show being filler as they get set for the PPV. Batista vs Booker for the title again should be interesting, they have got to do something to change the match up, as we've seen these two go at it way too much. This week it will be MVP vs Kane in a street fight, as well as the continue build for the PPV in Philly on the 26th.

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