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ECW 11/07

ECW on Tuesday night was highlighted by the heel turn of Hardcore Holly after a short stint as a face for a few weeks following the five-star match he had about 5 weeks ago with RVD. The premise of the turn was a tag match with Holly and RVD vs Big Show and Paul Heyman, and in the match Holly turned and ended up joining up with Heyman and Show to beat on RVD. I expect that Holly is going to find his way into the 6-man elimination match at the PPV in December.

The other announcement of interest is an open contract by Heyman to anyone that wants to come over from RAW or SmackDown and join ECW for a shot at the belt at the PPV. The deal is the wrestler would be in the six-man match, and then I assume would be on the show for good. The rumor I heard was that the mystery wrestler was going to be Bobby Lashley, but in response to that, Lashley is already booked on SmackDown house shows, including one here in Cleveland on December 27th. Of course that could change without a problem, so we'll see.

The rest of the show was standard, with the opener being C.M. Punk beating Mike Knox for a chance at the six-man match at the PPV. Knox was on top most of the match, but Punk came back to eventually get the submission and the win, and will now go on to that match. I guess this quickly ends the Knox-Punk feud that they built up for weeks only to have one match and it end without much fanfare.

Two more SmackDown guys are now on ECW - as Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay have joined the roster, which can only help. These guys were going nowhere fast on SmackDown, and can give some good matches on the ECW side.

Daivari beat Little Guido next, which was basically another squash to get Daivari and Great Khali over. Test beat Tommy Dreamer for a spot in the PPV in the title match. There were rumors that Test was going to win the six-man and win the belt in the process, but now word is that rumor was false, and no true decision has been made as to the direction they are going in with the belt change.

All in all, standard fare for ECW, not a bad show, but nothing really to get all that excited about either. They are still in the process of getting this PPV off the ground, and the success of the PPV will tell the company just how far the brand is going to hold up for 2007.

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