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Cade Released; In the end - A Guy Who Didn't Have it

In the world of pro wrestling, it's always a shame when a young wrestler get a push, only to then just get pushed out the door for some unknown reason. That seems to have been the case in the WWE the last 24 hours, as the company has announced the release of former Shawn Michaels' protege and Chris Jericho pal Lance Cade.

The company put out its usual standard release when they let a superstar go: "World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of Raw Superstar Lance Cade as of October 14, 2008. WWE wishes Lance the best in all future endeavors."

Now I am sure there is more to story that meets the eye as to the release of Cade, but one thought off the bat is that the company felt he was never going to have the impact that they thought he would. They have been booking him in main event angles the past few months with Jericho involving Michaels, but there is no doubt that Cade didn't have the type of charisma that Y2J brought to the table.

Cade was a decent talent, and he seemed to have a good in ring style and presence, but at the same time, the company felt that they could not waste anymore time and anymore effort on trying to get him to be the heel that the company needed him to be. For now, it's a lesson in even though he was a good worker with a great in ring look, he just didn't have it.

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