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A Win to Get In

....Or Sort of. ECW tonight didn't feature much other than two matches that would qualify the winner to be included in the vote to take on Matt Hardy at Cyber Sunday. Mark Henry was given one spot automatically by GM Teddy Long, but there would still be two spots up for grabs with the fans getting the final decision on who would earn the right for the title.

The first match was classic display of athleticism with Chavo taking on newcomer Evan Bourne. We have sen these two in action before an they have mixed very well considering their styles are very similar. This would be the case again tonight as they put on the best match of the night. I would love to see this program continue as we don't see too many matches featuring the Lucha style. Bourne would get the win and I really think he will be the one chosen to face Hardy. The fans love this kid and given the other two choices it would seem like a no brainer as to what would be the most entertaining match. I'm not to sure if they may be rushing this as I doubt Bourne would win and I don't see a continued program with Hardy in the cards.

The other winner was Finlay over John Morrison in a long and dull match. While Bourne and Chavo complemented each other, the styles of Finlay and Morrison mixed like water and oil. Finlay's power game took the quickness of Morrison and threw it out the window. It seemed like this match lasted forever ans Morrison is not a great ground and pound style of wrestler. To top it off the ending was terrible as they had to find a way to get Finlay his shillelagh, as that seems to be the only way he can win. First Hornswoggle pretended to be dead in the corner of the ring to serve as the distraction. but just as Finlay went for the illegal object it was pulled from his hands by Mike Knox. Then Knox would be pulled under the ring only to have Cryme Tyme appear and give the shillelagh back to Finlay who then KO'ed Morrison. And their thanks for helping out the Irishmen, a knock in the head with the shillelagh. On this one I have to ask, why? Does it help sell Finlay as the tough guy he once was before Hornswoggle? Anyway you cut it, it was an unimpressive end to an equally unimpressive match.

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