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Get down and Boogie

We had ourselves some fun and frivolities tonight as Johnny Knoxville and fellow Jackass cohort Chris Pontius paid a visit to Raw to make amends for offending the Great Khali. It all kicked off with Sanitno Marella calling Knoxville to the ring and having Knoxville insult Beth Phoenix by calling her a man. Phoenix would retaliate but botched both her slap to his face and her body slam. Still Knoxville played along and attacked being knocked out. This would lead to Hornswoogle tadpole splashing Knoxville to show him "where the midgets were at" as Johnny asked earlier in the show. But we were not done as Big Dick Johnson and Pontious had a g-string dance show only to be interrupted by the Boogie Man who "shared his worms with Pontious. It all came to an end as Khali put the vice grip on Knoxville, thus finally getting the last laugh. We shall see if the Jackass crew makes any more appearances as they were due to be involved in last years Summer Slam bu pulled out do the hype around the Benoit murders.

Let's get to the serious stuff now as there were two major matches tonight. The first was created by Chris Jericho who wanted to weaken his opponent at Cyber Sunday, Batista. Jericho would try to kill two birds with one stone by having Batista face his other rival HBK in a lumber jack match. Of course the lumber jacks were made up of the heels from the Raw and ECW rosters and they tried their best to take out both men as they got to "involved" and the match ended in a draw. Despite this they put on a good match and I like this grouping of Jericho, Batista and HBK now as they have firmly established a feud. It keeps Batista happy as he is in the spotlight and can face either Jericho or HBK. Mitchael's gets some time to rest while Jericho and Batista go at it. And Jericho can put on a good match with either and is playing his self righteous heel role prefect that as long as they give him the mic, he can sell any program.

Later in the night Batista got his revenge by being the special ref of Jericho's match with CM Punk. It was nice to See Punk back with the big dogs since he lost his title. Recently he has been the tag a long with Kofi Kingston, not very becoming for the supposed future star of the WWE. Batista would get his revenge by gifting Punk the win after a Batista Bomb put Jericho out of business. I really liked what I saw out of Punk as he shows he can still challenge for the Heavy Weight title. Look for him to make another solid run this time next year once they run through programs for Jericho, Batista and Cena, when he gets healthy. I could even see a turn for Punk as they need another big heel on Raw and it would be a major shocker since he has such a clean cut image on the show.

The other match-up that is developing nicely is the on going feud between Cryme Tyme and the Miz and Morrison. It's a great way to highlight these two tag teams as they both have the charisma and abilities in the ring to make each match interesting. Not to mention their ongoing war between their shows on WWE.com. Th only question is, who of the pair will get their chance to take on the champs Of DiBiase and Rhodes? We may see a tag gauntlet or three way dance to determine who may be the next champions on Raw. As for the match tonight Cryme Tyme and Kelly won using some "creative" techniques over Jillian and the Miz with John Morrison.

Th other matches of the night saw Mark Henry and Kane tag to face Mysterio and Matt Henry. This match was a convenient way to keep these programs going without doing to much to bring them to an end. No much to say for the match as we all know what these guys bring to the ring. Kane would get the pin over Mysterio and we shall see what type of match these two will now have at Cyber Sunday. Will it be Falls Count Anywhere, No Holds Barred or a 2-out-of-3 Falls match. Not much of a way to come off a match that featured tho possible unmasking of Mysterio.

Finally Charlie Haas continued his impersonations by becoming Haas Hogan tonight. Too bad it was not enough as JBL made quick work of him. The gimmick is still working for Haas as I enjoy the persona's he takes on, but we all know this will end fairly soon. As for Haas we may never see him again after this shtick runs out.

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