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Knoxville Set to Invade RAW to Square off with Khali

The latest WWE entry into "mainstream" Hollywood (if you want to call it that) will take place tonight on RAW when former horse-piss drinker and "Jackass" leader Johnny Knoxville comes on the show to have a "fight" with moster The Great Khali. If you missed how this all came about, Knoxville has some sort of show on MTV, and Khali was on and Knoxville questioned how big Khali's privates are.

Typical Knoxville, but the 7+ foot, 400+ pound Khali didn't like the unprofessional line of questions, and stormed off the set. While it likely was real at the start, Vince McMahon took the incident and is running with it, and now Khali has been on the last few shows making out with women (quite the site) and proving just how much of a "man" he really is.

At the same time, he has called out Knoxville, and you can bet with money on the table that Knoxville will show up tonight, as the company is sending out releases to check out the show and see just in fact if Knoxville shows up or not. Gee, I wonder. Don't forget that the entire "Jackass" crew are no strangers to the WWE and being in a WWE ring.

It was just two years ago that a deal was done where the cast of the TV show was booked in a match at SummerSlam against Umaga and another wrestler. The match was pulled when Knoxville, who at the time was making a movie or two in Hollywood, said he didn't want to be involved. Now, with Knoxville being an afterthought when it comes to being involved with Hollywood projects, he suddenly is more than willing to be on the show.

So how will this end? Knoxville will probably have a verbal exchange with Khali, and the two will then have a match at the upcoming PPV - Cyber Sunday, where they will have three choices of what type of match it will be that is "choosen" by the fans. Could this be good? Maybe, but I wouldn't put much stock into making it must see TV for a Monday.

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