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SmackDown 4/06

Friday night's SmackDown from Fort Wayne, IN was a strong finish to the week for WWE, and I tought that the ending angle with Taker and Basitsa was a great way to end the show. Of course the last scene was Booker getting tombstoned on the announcer table, but that angle will be a way to get him off TV for two months, as he is taking time off for a knee injury. It also puts him in a face position for when he returns. I thought the lure of not having Taker talk was cool as well, as it really keeps that mystique going.

I also think that they are keeping the shows strong with using guys from other shows once in awhile, in this case it was Jeff Hardy, who had a strong opening match with Kennedy. They did the right thing with having Kennedy go over clean, as he won with a DDT after Hardy missed the swanton bomb. The match also keeps the momentum going for Kennedy, who won the big money in the bank match on Sunday at Mania.

They also kept the feud going with MVP and Chris Benoit, as Benoit lost a match to the Miz when he went for the head butt off the top rope (I guess Chris' new finisher), and MVP, who was hiding by the ring apron, pulled Miz out of the way. It was an effective way for Benoit to lose, not lose any push, and give a push to Miz. We'll see how the MVP-Benoit thing keeps going, as I assume we'll see more of them in the ring in the future.

The Matt Hardy-Boooker match was strong as well, and they did a good job in making Booker look like a face after he lost, and then Sharmell slapped him for losing and not getting back at Hardy. Strong match, and a good way to set up Booker taking time off. I forsee Booker coming back, getting a big face push, and maybe a feud with a guy like Mark Henry, who they will be bringing back to TV in the next few weeks.

The tag match with London and Kendrick vs Gregory Helms and Chavo was okay, and I guess they did it to set up what is coming next week, with a match between the champs and Deuce and Dominio. I am not sure what they are going to do with the challengers next week, as they have already had title shots and not gotten the job done. As far as London and Kendrick, I have no issues at all with them keeping the belts, espically with the somewhat weak tag division right now on SmackDown.

Overall I tought this was a great week of TV for the company. The RAW to set up new angles and crown a new pair of tag champs was very good, ECW was okay, and SmackDown was strong as well. The company is back at it Monday night, and with a tour of Italy coming up, they need another good week of TV to keep the streak going.

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