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Final Mania News and Notes

All right wrestling fans, our day has arrived. It's WrestleMania Sunday, and the Let's Wrestle crew is here at the Courtyard by Marriott in Deerborn, Michigan. As we approach noon, we are planning to leave for Ford field about 2pm. Last night at the Hall was a great time, and Axxess was a little blah, but still a good time. With Mania just a few hours away, here are some things to look for tonight, as well as some things to keep in mind:

* Not a big shock, but look for John Cena and Batista to get booed out of Ford Field tonight. Last night at the Hall, everytime each guy was shown for whatever reason, there was major jeers for each one. Both guys looked to take it in stride, and unlike last year, you will see Cena get booed tonight, then get cheered tomorrow in Dayton. As for Batista, a heel turn is coming anway, so boos won't really matter tonight, as the heel turn should be complete within the next few weeks.

* SmackDown house shows upcoming have Batista vs Taker as the main event, so this feud will continue.

* A "Bald Billionaire" is being advertisited for ECW on Tuesday, and with Donald Trump not on the show, you know what that means about who is getting shaved tonight.

* Most of the fans at this hotel are here for Mania. There is a lot of talk about next year's Mania in Florida, and a lot of people are talking the talk about going. It will be the first Mania in the 24 years in Florida, so the crowd should be really strong in the Sunshine State in 2008.

* Money in the Bank will steal the show - that's my opinion. Kane and Khali is going to be short and ugly, MVP vs Benoit will be okay, and now I am leaning towards a MVP win. Ashley vs Melina will be okay with a lot from the outside Diva's. The Umaga vs Lashely match will be filled with weapons and high spots, as will Batista vs Taker. Cena vs Michaels will be very good, but will fall short of what they do with Money in the Bank.

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