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Mania Weekend Finally Upon Us

Well, the weekend that wrestling fans have waited all year for has finally arrived. It's WrestleMania weekend, and for anyone that is heading to the Motor City, you know that its going to be a weekend filled with lots of things to do as well as plenty of bodyslamming come Sunday night. The agenda for the Let's Wrestle crew is as follows:

We ship out tonight about 10pm, with arrival at our hotel about 12:30-1am. We are staying just outside Detroit at a Courtyard by Marriott, the official hotel of our crew, complete with high speed internet and indoor pool and hot tub.

Saturday we'll be up early to pick up our tickets for the Hall of Fame. Section F5 row K, just 10 rows from the stage, which should be a great spot to see all the stars as well as get some great pics for the site. We'll also be then heading to Ford Field, as the Fan Axxess Tour starts at noon on Saturday. From 12-2 we'll hopefully snag some autographs from Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms, Kelly Kelly, and Super Crazy. Interesting to note not one of these signing will be in a match at Mania.

Back to the hotel, where we'll get ready for the Hall of Fame, which takes place at 7pm at Fox Theater. It's going to be a long show, you figure with 8 inductees going in, and with presentations and what not, the show should last till at least 11pm, making it about 4 hours, which I think last year in Chicago that is about how long it went. We'll then get back to our room so we can catch the hour they will televise on USA starting at midnight.

Sunday is the day we've all waited for, as our intentions are to head to Ford Field about 2-3pm. The show has a start time of 7pm, so the site will likely be updated in the morning, and then not till after the show. I have mixed views on the show, as I have already stated, I think that last years card looks better, but again, the Michaels vs Cena match could easily be the Match of the Year, and if they go 35-40 minutes, it has the makings of one the better Mania main events the past few years.

If I'm booking this show, here is the way I would roll out the matches:

1. MVP vs Chris Benoit
2. ECW 8-man tag
3. Money in the Bank match
4. Melina vs Ashley
5. Kane vs Khali
6. Batista vs Undertaker
7. Battle of the Billonaires
8. Cena vs Michaels

They had better not keep the McMahon-Trump thing till last, and I think a lineup like above gives a good mix of back and forth. Of course last year they blew it with putting the Candice-Torrie match second to last, making the crowd irate to the point they were chanting "Hogan-Austin."

So that is it for our weekend as it stands. We'll have a lot more updates throughout the weekend, so keep checking back for more content as well as some pics from out weekend at Mania.

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