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Mania's Two Biggies Deliver the Goods

Well fans, the biggest wrestling show of the year is in the books, and being there live at Ford Field next to the ring for the Trump-McMahon saga as well as the Cena-Michaels, I can tell you that the crowd really made this card, and it seemed to me from the naked eye that the guys (and gals) worked really hard to make this the card of the year. If you read this site often, or have much over the last week or so, you know that I had my issues with the booking of this card. I thought they could have done more, and that they should have had at least 1-2 more matches. Oh well, that is over now, and I would have to say on the old 1-10 scale I give this show a solid 7.

Without going through each and every match, I want to at least spend some time on the two biggies, and then Monday I will do more of a breakdown of the other spots on the show. First, the Taker-Batista battle. I thought for what they made of it, it was a pretty solid match. I have been down on Batista for sometime, but I thought that Taker really took him to another level, and if this is the way Batista will be as a full flegged heel, I think it could work. I think that Taker was solid as well, and he did some moves (the leap on the floor was insane) that he saves only for the biggest of the big shows. I was not in the least surprised to see Taker win, though part of me thinks that if Batista is still the future, and I am not saying that he is, they could have really shocked the world by letting him win. Of course I also think hindsight will say that the company does not want a repeat of 17 years ago, when they threw the title belt on Ultimate Warrior after he beat Hulk Hogan, and then in the course of about a year, saw Warrior flame out faster than a lit match on a windy day. With that, Taker and Batista should continue to battle, and I hope that their matches are as good as this one was tonight.

As for the main event, again, not surprised with the outcome. I love the back and forth between Cena and Michaels, and I thought that the match was about a 8 of 10. Of course the crowd was about 60-40 in favor of Michaels, but for the most part, I thought much like last year Cena handled it well. Shawn was great, and John did a great job as well. He really worked this match well, and the heat down the stretch with the two came over really well with the crowd. What they do from here is anyones guess. They did the spot at the end (I was right there), where John tried to come up to Michaels, and he kind of glared him away if you will, meaning that there is some bad feelings between the two. I am interested to hear how Shawn acted when he was told that he was going to lose, and lose clean. Despite his loss, I think he stays strong with the loss, and if they want to do more with the two, the door is open.

I'll have a lot more Monday, but for now, those are my immediate thoughts as the show is now just a few hours over. I like most of what I saw, with the two down points being the Kane-Khali match and the ECW match, which I thought was really weak. Thanks for reading as always, and there will be plenty of more to talk about as things in the company get sorted out.

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