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RAW 4/2

WWE RAW from Dayton the night after WrestleMania saw some new feuds start up, but more than that we finally saw John Cena and Shawn Michaels lose the belts, this to a team that I thought should have had them weeks ago - the Hardy's. The night began with John and Shawn trading verbal barbs, then Coachman came out and made a 10-team tage team battle royale, that Michaels and Cena won. But, then Coach made yet another battle royale, and this time in a move that really should heat up the feud, Michaels threw his partner Cena out, causing them to lose the belts. The Hardy's then went on to win the belts, in a strong move that should give some real pizzaz to the WWE tag ranks.

The rest of the show mostly concerned Mr.McMahon and new new bald look, and then after Bobby Lashley came out and snatched the hat off his head that showed the crowd his bald head, McMahon got so upset that he made what turned out to be handicapped match with Umaga and Estrada vs Lashley. In a lackluster main event, Lashley got the win, and therefore keeps the ECW title. The move to keep the heat on Vince and to continue to make Lashley the hero in this feud is not much of a shock, but again, they really have to be careful with how much they shove Lashley down our throats.

The only other matches on the show saw the team of Ric Flair and Carlito beat the World's Greatest tag team of Haas and Benjiman. It was a good match, and they seem to really want to push the team of Ric and Carlito. I can see a challenge to the Hardy's from these two in the near future. They also had what really ended up being a squash with Great Khali beating Super Crazy. The funny part of the night was the fact that both Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler struggled all night with their voices, and Ross was pretty much mute for the last 35 minutes of the show.

One feud they are going to go with on the women's side is Mickie vs Melina. This is a feud designed to give Melina some good matches, and by far right now Mickie is the best women's WRESTLER on the roster, so they might as well give her some shots to improve Melina's game.

The show was pretty good, next week we'll see Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels in a #1 contender match, as Orton came in on a Shawn interview to declare that he (Shawn), had his chance, and now its time that he gets a shot at Cena. Same goes for Edge, who showed up to call out the champ as well. I see a fatal four-way coming with Orton, Edge, Michaels and Cena possibly at Backlash. We'll see. Otherwise, a good show to follow up on Mania, and we'll see if they keep it going next week.

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