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Who Goes Over - Old School or the Present?

As hours remain until Wrestlemania 23, much has been stated about who should be given the nod in both main events. Should the two legends, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker get the wins to further their legacy? Or should the two young lions, John Cena and Batista, get over, pushing their careers to another level? Of couse a case can be made that maybe one legend, and one younger star should get the victories, meaning that we have one new world champion, and one champion that will be successful in their title defense.

Many are now in the corner that the Undertaker should continue his undefeated streak tomorrow in Detroit, hereby getting the clean win and the Heavyweight title vs Batista. It seems like night and day when you look at where Batista was just two years ago, winning the belt in the main event of WrestleMania 21 over HHH, and now, a wrestler who is mostly a punch, kick guy that seems to get over on name alone. He is no longer the future of the company, and that fact will be made even more clear when he cleanly loses to Taker on Sunday. Already there are a series of rematches in place on SmackDown house show cards, meaning that Sunday's bout between the two will be the first of many that we will see. There are also talks of not only one, but at least two more major PPV matches with these two.

As for the RAW main event, and the last match on the show, I think we'll see the career of John Cena continue to go up as I think he'll walk away from Ford Field with a pinfall win over Michaels in what should be one of the matches of the year. Cena has been gaining momentum all year, and despite what some still think he lacks, I clearly think he is the biggest in ring name in the sport, and he has done everything I good champion should to earn the win here. As for Michaels, he is a Hall of Famer, and he should be honored that he has been in now four main events in WrestleMania.

So argue if you will, but I think as we leave Ford Field on Sunday night, you'll see both now and the past be served. I like the Taker to walk out with the World Heavyweight Title, and Cena to keep the WWE Title.

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