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RAW 4/10

The string of what I thought was very good RAW's ended in Bridgeport last night, as the show took its first step backwords in quite some time. The scheduled main event you could see coming from 100 miles away, as they did a "Hair vs Title" match with Bobby Lashley putting up the ECW title vs Shane McMahon, who put his locks on the line. You knew from the word go that the match would end with Umaga, and likely Vince, who did show up, giving Lashley a beat down, and that is how it ended. The other main event was a #1 contenders match with Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton, that was a solid match but ended in a poor non-finish with both men being pinned.

The result of that non-finish is that they are going with a 4-way for the title at Backlash, with John Cena putting the WWE title on the line vs Orton, Michaels, and Edge. The odd part about the announcement was that it was made by a Make-A-Wish kid who Mick Foley had with him on the show. It was weird that at first Coach made the announcement, then Foley brought out the kid, who was made the acting GM for the night. Not well recieved by the crowd.

They did advance the feud that will soon take place with Ric Flair and Carlito, as they lost a tag title shot at the Hardy's at the PPV to Cade and Murdoch. At the end of the bout, Carlito seemed upset with Flair, and walked away mad. They are taking their time with this eventual feud, but I would not be shocked if we see that match in one of the next two PPV's.

Other than that, we had a womens tag, which was okay, and Hardy's vs the World's Greatest Tag Team, which was an okay match. I like the belts on the Hardy's, as the fans are very into them having the titles, and it makes them seem important again, which they have not been with Cena and Michaels having them, or Edge and Orton for that matter.

Like I said, this was a step backwords. The last moments saw Lashley bloody, and Vince announcing a stupid 1-on-3 for Backlash for the ECW title, with Lashley vs Umaga, Shane and Vince McMahon. While Umaga and Lashley will carry the match, just having Shane and Vince in there will be distraction enough. Let's hope next week from Italy will be better than this show.

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