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A Quick Look at Backlash

WWE Backlash will take place 19 days from today at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. The card will be a mix of all three brands, meaning that we'll see RAW, SmackDown and ECW on the card. That fact was finally alluded to last night on RAW by JR and Jerry Lawler. While this card is for sure not shaping up to be one that challenged WrestleMania, it so far has the makings of not a bad card.

Right now we have officially three matches announced:

WWE Championship Four Way Match
John Cena vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels

ECW World Championship 3-on-1 Handicap Match Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga

World Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardys vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

I like the main event right off the bat, as both Edge and Orton deserve a shot to shine once again in a main event on a PPV, and I know that while they are not supposed to be "together," they could easily decide to "team up" for this match and take it out on Cena and Michaels. I can tell you that I don't think there is anyway that Cena loses here, but it does have the makings of what could be a good match.

The ECW match to me looks like a stinker. Of course with Shane in the match, you can bet there will probably be some high spot where he either takes a big chance, or takes a big bump. Shane is one of those guys that comes in once or twice a year, and makes a match, and while we've already seen Lashley vs Umaga, the dynamics with Shane and Vince in there could make it passable.

As for the tag match, it looks to me like a simple win for the Hardy's, and should make them shine as the champs. As stated on the RAW review, I think that the Hardy's with the belts is a great fit, and should give the titles some meaning.

So there will likely be 4-5 more matches announced, with one being a SmackDown title match with Batista and Undertaker. Should be an interesting card, and with the four way and a SmackDown title match, should be a decent buy.

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