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RAW 1/8

The Monday Night RAW from St.Louis was one of the weaker shows that WWE has produced in sometime, and part of me thinks that with the National Championship Game in College Football being played at the same time that the company almost decided to tank the show since they knew they would not get ratings anyway. If that was the case, they did a good job, as just the decision to spend 10 plus minutes on the "match" between a fake Rosie O'Donnell and fake Donald Trump showed that the company was not going to give viewers much.

I have no idea with the Royal Rumble less than three weeks away, and Mania less than three months away, why they just throw away TV shows like they did Monday night. There have been many comments by the fans that went to the show that said it was one of the worst that they ever attended, and just the fact alone that during the O'Donnell/Trump match that you could clearly hear "TNA" chants coming from the crowd should show that things need to change, and in a hurry. I can't imagine what was going through Vince McMahon's mind when he was hearing that chant while sitting at ringside for the satire match.

They also took a twist with having Kahli come on to RAW. They just seem to have this desire to keep pushing him, despite the fact that it is clear after having him wrestling some of the top stars over the last 8 months that he just can't compete in a ring. He has no skills whatsoever, and I even thought for a time that eventually he would get better. That is clearly not the case, and if they are toying with the idea of making him a unbeatable monster and have him and Cena do a program that may even end up at Mania, they had better think again. The buyrate for a Kahli-Cena main event at Mania would be a joke. Fans would turn on that so fast, and you have quite a few empty seats at Ford Field for that one if that is the main event they try to sell to the fans.

Right now from the bit of wrestling that did take place on Monday they are going to have a Umaga-Cena rematch for the Rumble, and again Cena will get the win heading towards a match at Mania. I would expect there to be some sort of stip to the match, like a possible no-DQ or maybe even a cage, but likely something like a no-DQ or street fight. The Rumble itself I still say a favorite should be Undertaker if they are heading for a Taker-Batista match at Mania, and now with the Kahli thing, as unreal as this may seem, I can see him being a favorite as well.

Lessons have to be learned after this past Monday night, and I hope that the crowds and internet reaction and backlash that the company is getting will show them to get back to wrestling and start spending some time building for the Rumble. They only have two TV's left for the Rumble, so next week you'll have the Cena-Umaga RAW main event announced, as well as some sort of Rumble qualifying matches as well.

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