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ECW 10/31

Tuesday nights ECW show was another okay effort, with a decent tag main event between RVD & Bob Holly vs Test and Big Show. The match ended with a man dressed as a gorilla, Paul Heyman, attacking RVD and hitting him with a pipe. The match then concluded with Show choke slamming RVD for the pin. Not a bad match, and continues the overall feud with Heyman trying to screw RVD at every turn. That whole storyline is starting to drag a bit, as is the premise that now instead of the 1-on-1 match between Show and RVD for the title at the ECW PPV, we are now going to have a 6-man elimination chamber match.

The product right now is at a very critical stage. The WWE has put a lot of money into trying to bring the brand back, but it is not catching on as it should, with the evidence being the fact they are scrapping the ECW only house shows. What they have to do is get this brand away from SmackDown, and let it live or die on its own. Who cares if you are taping TV in front of 500 fans at a tiny arena? Isn't that what made ECW what it was in the first place? Seeing these generic sets at arenas that are way too big for the brand, is totally out of place. Let them go back to 500-1000 seat arenas and get it on like the way it was supposed to be.

As for the rest of the show, they started a series of matches that will determine who will be in the chamber at the PPV. Of couse this is not to tough to figure out - Sabu, who won on Tuesday to make it offical, Sandman, Test, Holly, Show, RVD and Kahli, who can be protected since he is quite possibly the worst wrestler that the WWE has pushed in the last 10 years. The whole chamber match is going to be too crowded, and if they do decide to let RVD win, it is going to be overshadowed by all the other guys that were involved in the match.

The other thing out of this show was the debut of Kahli along with Davari, who is going to wrestle, like he did Tuesday against Shannon Moore. It does add a little bit more to the brand, but they really need more actual wrestlers, not just sideshow acts like Kahli, who cannont wrestle a lick. Davari will be interesting to see in the ring, as they mostly protected him over the last year on the RAW and then SmackDown brands.

That was about it for this show, a medicore night with the divas being shoved down our thoats a bit too much, and the storyline going and going and going with Heyman and RVD. They do need to change some things and spice it up a bit to make it better, and we'll see if they have it in them to do it before the very important December PPV that may very well decide the brands ultimate fate.

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