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RAW 10/30

RAW this week from Moline, IL was based soley on the purpose of trying to setup the upcoming Cyber Sunday PPV Sunday in Cincinnati. Each match was used to push the PPV, which made for a pretty predictible as well as boring show for the most part. The main event was a match in where the fans "picked" between Big Show, King Booker or Coachman as one would go up against WWE Champion John Cena. Of couse anyone with any smarts at all would know that Coachman would be the pick, and he was, with about 74 pecent of the votes. After an early beatdown from Show and Booker, Cena rebounded to pound Coach and then ended the match with a STFU.

The other build up was spent around the tag match between Edge and Randy Orton vs DX, with the show starting off with Edge in the ring with the three officials, and each of them, Vince McMahon, Eric Bishoff, and Coachman, telling the fans to pick them for the special ref position. I still think we are headed for a twist with Bishoff getting the shot to be the ref, then turning on Edge and Orton in the end, almost as a way to screw McMahon, which may set up something between the two down the road.

The IC contenders went at it in a three-way, as Carlito, Nitro and Shelton Benjamin went at it, with Carlito coming out on top. They want Carlito in the match on Sunday, and with this win they think they will sway fans in that direction, and I don't really see why it wouldn't. Jeff Hardy and Carlito would make a pretty solid IC match, and it would be something fresh instead of just Nitro and Hardy going back and forth.

The most predictible womens tourny in history finally came close to wrapping up on Monday, as Lita rather easily overcame Maria. This sets up a stip match for CS, with Lita and Mickie James fighting for the title in either a No-DQ, diva lumberjack (that will be the winner to get the other divas on the card), or a submission match. They could have very easily not wasted our time with weeks of womens matches, when we all knew that this would be how it would end up from the word go.

HHH and Randy Orton went at it, with Edge as the ref. That lasted about 15 seconds when HHH gave Edge a pedigree, which knocked him out until it was time to return for the DQ finish. After a two-on-one beating, because Shawn Michaels was not there, HHH was able to overcome the odds to get to the sledgehammer, which is tough to understand because with him overcoming a 2-on-1 beating takes all the steam out of the match Sunday. Whatever.

That was about all the highlights for the show. Again, as they get set for CS, the build seems kind of flat, as did this show. I don't know what else they can put into this PPV, and personally I think the whole interactive thing is kind of a joke, since they really can dictate what direction they want the matches to go in when its all said and done. Let's hope the rest of the TV week was better than this two hour snooze fest.

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