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Who Goes Where in Monday Night's Draft?

Monday night in San Antonio the WWE will hold what has become one of its most anticipated shows of the year, as they will have a three-hour "draft " in which they will move a number of wrestlers from one brand to another. This event has been watered down a bit, as in the last year wrestlers have jumped from brand to brand week to week anyway, but nevertheless, this should be a fun event and a good show.

Of course we're expecting with a small spike in the ratings this past week to have another "Million Dollar Giveaway," which will do nothing more than give the fast forward buttons on DVR's all across the country a workout. With that, here are some predictions for the draft Monday night that will make up RAW.

Leaving RAW

Carlito to ECW - Talk about someone in the doghouse, yet again. Carlito has continued to be outspoken about his role in the company, and a move to ECW may actually revive his struggling career, and a run at the ECW title may not be a bad idea for this 2nd generation star.

JBL to SmackDown - JBL had his most memorable run on the Friday night show, as he was the shows top star and champion for some time before dropping it to John Cena to start his run. He's not doing much on RAW, and a move back to Friday's could freshen up his wrestling career.

Melina to SmackDown - She's in a heated feud with Beth Phoenix, but they can end that quickly and move her to Friday's, where she'll be a solid addition as they seem bent on building up the women's division and creating another women's title.

Santino Marella to ECW - He's mostly known for his recent comedy on RAW with Roddy Piper, but Marella can wrestle, and he's just the type of mid-card guy that can move to ECW and put his career back on track vs guys like C.M. Punk and Tommy Dreamer.

Snitsky to SmackDown - Caught in a numbers game on RAW, Snitsky has gone back to being a guy that is mostly used in losing tag matches, and over on SmackDown he can at least give US Champ Matt Hardy a decent challenge for a few weeks.

Super Crazy to ECW - A former ECW star, Super Crazy would actually make a decent addition to the show, and its a show that needs faces, so he fits the bill as a mid-card face that can at least get some TV time.

Umaga to SmackDown - This has been rumored since Mania 24, and we'll go with it. Umaga has run his course on RAW, and a move to SmackDown would create some new feuds for the Samoan vs guys like Batista, Undertaker and a returning Rey Mysterio.

Leaving SmackDown

Big Show to ECW - I can see Show topping Kane for the ECW strap at the "Night of Champions," so a move back to Tuesday nights, where he was champ for some time before leaving the company for a year, is for sure in the cards.

Chuck Palumbo to ECW - Much like Snitsky, Palumbo is a mid-card heel that can get a push by moving to the companies third brand and trying some new matches against guys he has not faced before.

Eve Torres to RAW - This former Diva search winner will get a chance to strut her stuff vs some of Monday night's best on the franchise show.

Jamie Noble to RAW - Always good at taking bumps, Noble will be an addition mostly for people to come in and defeat as a mid to low level card jobber.

Natalya to RAW - I think she's going to be part of the new "youth" faction that they are putting together with Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, DH Smith and Lance Cade. The group needs a womans touch, so why not Jim's daughter?

Vladimir Kozlov to ECW
- Just a guess here, but they have been building him up slowly on SmackDown, so a move to ECW would put him right in a title mix with Kane, Big Show, and others.

Leaving ECW

Chavo Guerrero to SmackDown - He'll get a chance to be with sister-in-law Vicki Guerrero, and can continue his feud with US champ Matt Hardy. His time on ECW has run cold, so a move to Friday's would work.

Bam Neely to RAW - In the mold of a Snitsky, Neely can get a chance to come to the top rated show of the company and get some mid-card work and maybe get a small push to challenge some of the better faces on the show.

Elijah Burke to RAW - He has a ton of ability, it just seems like he's in this serious rut on ECW, and a move to RAW could make him get his career back on track, and maybe he can even find a partner to challenge for the tag belts.

C.M. Punk to SmackDown - Kind of a no-brainer, Punk is heading towards a semi main event feud with Edge after he drops the belt to Taker upon his return. I think he also looks to cash that "Money in the Bank" match in sometime while on Friday nights.

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