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Some Last Minute "One Night Stand" Predictions

Now just a few hours away from "One Night Stand," time to throw out our last minute predictions for the companies foruth PPV in about two months:

Undertaker vs. Edge in a TLC match for the world title and if Undertaker loses, he supposedly has to retire - Reports today is that Taker wants to take some time off, but at the same time, he won't be retiring, so unless they want to have an Edge vs Punk feud while Taker is gone and then makes his 100th comeback, I see Taker winning here. That doesn't mean he'll have it long though, as Edge can always rebound and take the strap in about a month or so.

HHH vs. Randy Orton in a last man standing match for the WWE title - If you look at the history of Last Man Standing matches, most seem to end in draws, which could happen here if we have to see this match yet again in four weeks at the Night of Champions. Otherwise, HHH wins and they move him on to a new program possibly with JBL. Ugh.

Shawn Michaels vs. Batista in a stretcher match - Michaels has nothing to gain here with a win, so I think unless there is a big swerve at the end with HBK going heel, Batista will go over. They may finally use Y2J's rumored heel turn to cost Michaels the win and push Batista, who needs to go over here.

John Cena vs. JBL in a first blood match - If the program leading up to the rumored Cena vs HHH SummerSlam match is JBL vs HHH, then look for him to cheat his way to a win here. This also after the way Cena won after getting dominated at Judgement Day.

C.M. Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Show to in a
Singapore Cane match to determine who faces Kane for the ECW title at the Night of Champions
- I don't think there is any mystery to them wanting to have a Show vs Kane match at the Night of Champions, so go with Show here.

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga falls count anywhere - These two always have good matches, so expect another one here. I think Hardy wins, but Umaga puts up another good fight and has a good match in what could be his last PPV match as a member of RAW as many think he'll go to SmackDown.

Beth Phoenix vs. Melina in an I Quit match
- Phoenix wins here to set up a match with James at the Night of Champions.

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