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Let's Talk Wrestling One Night Stand Pre Match Show

Time for another WWE PPV, and that means it's time for Matt Loede and John Sefcik to come at you with the One Night Stand Pre Match Show. The two talk about the big card taking place in San Diego, as well as some thoughts about the WWE's 4th PPV in two months. Click below to hear the One Night Stand Pre Match Show.


You can take that either way.

You guys are very clear and have good strong audible voices. You have a very "quick" rapport with one another making it seem like you guys may have been doing this for a while. Your show was informational and gave people a little insight into ECW, and into the matches of the evening. A decent wrap up of what everyone is about to see tonight.

Negatives: Lame duck. As gifted as you guys may be when it comes to clear and audible speaking, your actual opinions seem quite cliche'd and typical. Your show fits the same transcript in the "dime a dozen" category. The only thing special about it is probably the fact its the only show that would DARE do a "Pre-show" for ONS this year. Get an intro, open up your personalities a bit, and expand more on the reasons "why" you have the opinions you do on certain wrestlers.

- just a guy.


Just for your info - John and I have been doing shows together for about 8 years, so needless to say we know each other and our styles very well.

As for your negatives, let me address that by starting with some background on me: I have been following the WWE since about WM 1 back in 1985, have attended 4 Mania's (the last three in a row), countless live events, and have pretty much been involved in the sport well over half my life.

I add this to show you that when it comes to having an opinion about the sport, I feel like I can match that with the best of them.

BUT, what I will not do is simply go on the air and throw out things that don't translate or are not true. The fact of the matter is the WWE rolled out a PPV 14 days ago, and to really try and "break down" this PPV with a lot of heavy predictions and what not would be a joke. Yes, we know that.

We have done a Preview and post match show for the site for about a year for each PPV, and despite the pain that this PPV can give the WWE fans, we are keeping with our format and doing them.

I appreciate your sincere breakdown of the show, and hope you'll continue to listen.

Matt Loede
Site Editor and Co-Founder

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