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Two Major Stories Come Out of Last Nights RAW

On the heels of last nights RAW in Tuscon, there are some backstage news and notes that are actually worth talking about.

The biggest is the fact that Jeff Hardy, who just the week before seemed to be headed for a big program with Umaga that would end in a SummerSlam match, was not on the show. There are reports on two of the bigger wrestling websites, one which says he was "sent home by the promotion," and another which says he told the WWE he would not be there, but that was it and nothing else was said. The thought though that makes me think there is a lot more to this than meets the eye, is the fact they have already seemed to want to put Umaga as a face, as they did last night against Santino Marella. This started when Umaga beat Santino on PPV two months ago, and now he appears headed for a program that will turn him face. As for Hardy, who knows what is up, but whatever it is, he'd better be back on the road soon or he is totally going to miss out on his biggest program of the year.

The other big piece of news is about Bobby Lashley, who does have a legit torn rotator cuff, and is headed to Alabama to see what he should do about it. The word is the injury for Lashley took place before WrestleMania, and that he messed the shoulder up again over the weekend. Rumor has it if Lashley does have to have surgery on the shoulder, we may not see him again till the Royal Rumble. If not, look for him to take some time off to rest it, and then he will be back. Based on the way it came across on TV last night, I look for him to have the surgery, and then be back for the Royal Rumle in January.

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