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Quick Friday Update: Congress vs WWE, Dupree Gone

It's been a rather quiet week in the WWE as the big news of the demise of the Jackass angle set for SummerSlam was likley the biggest story of the week. Things have quieted down about the whole Chris Benoit saga, and while the company wishes that negative pub would just go away, they are still in so many ways trying to just move on as if nothing has ever happened, and that Benoit was just a bad dream, a wrestler that didn't exist.

*There is a bit of news which came out, and that is the company, after trying about five different ways to push him, have released Renee Dupree. The wrestler was given about 2-3 different looks as they kept trying to take him to the next level, but each time he flamed out. The last push was that he was in ECW to try and show them how truley extreme he could be. Yeah right. Needless to say Dupree will go down as a guy with a great look, decent in-ring stuff, but with no idea how to eventually get over with the fans as a heel or in the locker room with other wrestlers.

*A big story today is that Congress wrote a letter to Vince McMahon, requesting information and documents on World Wrestling Entertainment's drug related policies and testing. At the same time, Congress is also seeking copies of every drug testing program that has been in place since the company started testing for performance-enhancing drugs. The WWE returned with a statement: The media has provided us with a copy of a letter from the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. We are reviewing this letter and will respond accordingly.

That's really it for the news, not much else is going on. SmackDown tonight airing as we speak is going to end with Khali's set up against Batista for the Heavyweight Title match at SummerSlam. Other than that, it's a mostly non-event show.

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