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An Easy and Quick Solution to the SmackDown Title Chaos

WWE has a quick couple of things to clear up as it gets set for another week of TV starting on Monday. First off, we all know now that SummerSlam's SmackDown main event will feature Khali defending the World Heavyweight Title vs Batista. I am on board with the thought of Khali having to drop this belt as soon as possible. Only problem is, I don't think that the company is. The thought now is that Khali is going to keep this thing for awhile, possibly for at least another few months until about December. If that is the case, this guy had better start working SUPER hard to get better in the ring, as right not its just awful trying to buy watching any sort of wrestling match with him.

As for Batista, the company is just not on board with getting the belt back to him. I thought that the last part of his run that ended with losing to Taker at Mania was strong enough to warrant him another run with the belt. That type of thinking can be magnified even more with the dire situation the company is in right now with a guy carrying the belt who should not be. I say they should let Batista win the belt at SS from Khali, then let them go back and forth in basiclly a rematch type of feud until the Undertaker comes back. The best matches Batista has ever had is with Taker, so why not do that feud again?

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