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Post Bash RAW Highlights Lots of Changes in Storylines

One day after the Great American Bash, a lot of things have taken place and changed in the world of the WWE. Nothing like what took place after the last PPV, thankfully, but more to do with the booking and what we are looking at for the next PPV - SummerSlam. Of course in watching RAW, you can figure out some of the angles they are working for, including one that unless you had the inside scoop, you didn't see coming. That angle is the one that now takes the Jackass crew OUT of the picture for their match that was set up against Umaga at the SS event. PWI Insider is reporting that the deal fell apart last week when Johnny Knoxville pulled out of the angle. PWI is stating that Knoxville and his people were no longer interested in doing the angle after the Chris Benoit tragedy and what negative press could have come of it.

The setup for the SS Jackass match was supposed to start on Sunday at the Great American Bash, as the word was the JA guys were in some way supposed to cost Umaga the IC belt. Then Umaga would get his revenge, thus setting up the match for SummerSlam. The decision to scrap that came last week after Knoxville pulled out, as Knoxville was the main guy they wanted in the angle as he was the biggest star with crossover appeal. Basically once he pulled out, the angle was over. The amazing part of the whole thing as well is that Umaga was set to lose to the Jackass crew. Leave it to the WWE to pull an angle, then come up with a better match, as now we will see Jeff Hardy vs Umaga in a rematch of Sunday's solid match at the Bash.

The other big angle on RAW was the WWE Title match with John Cena taking on Randy Orton. We talked about this happening for awhile, and now the match is going to take place which I have a feeling is going to be the first of many. I cannot see the point in hotshotting the title to Orton right away, then rushing him into what many think will be the WrestleMania angle with HHH. Instead what they should do is really draw out Orton vs Cena for at least 2-3 months, then at the end of the program give Orton the belt, then he can have a challenger or two before he moves on to HHH for the big match at WrestleMania 24 in Orlando.

Angle number two that was shot was the angle that will see King Booker take on HHH at SummerSlam. Booker and Jerry Lawlwer are set to have their match next week, and then HHH is set for his TV return on 8/13 at the RAW at Madison Square Garden. From there, he and Booker, will go back and forth before then they have their match at SummerSlam. Booker is a good wrestler, and so is HHH, and the match should be good for what it is. I wonder if they will make mention of when then Booker T challenged and took on HHH at WrestleMania 19 in Seattle? I kinda doubt it.

And while all that is going on, Bobby Lashley is going to be entering his post-Cena program with Carlito, a guy that should also be able to give him a solid match at the PPV. All in all, it was a big night of transition for the company, with a few expected twists, but again, the main story line that of being that the Jackass crew is now on the shelf for SummerSlam, and Umaga will now take on Jeff Hardy in what should be a very good match.

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