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Jim Ross Shares His Thoughts in His Updated Blog

WWE RAW announcer Jim "J.R." Ross updated his blog recently, and there are some interesting comments from the longtime WWE play-by-play man that may be of interest. Below are some of his comments:

On HHH & The Jackass Crew at SummerSlam:

It is my understanding that HHH will be back in action at SummerSlam, but I have no idea what Raws he will make prior to that, if any. I was never in the loop or informed of the particulars on the Jackass story line and can’t say I will lose any sleep over it, one way or another, as it relates to the Jackass guys being involved in a speciality match at SummerSlam or any where else.

On Jeff Hardy:

Jeff Hardy’s return to the WWE and his subsequent “breakthrough” as a singles star is one of the great stories of the year. Jeff is arguably as popular as anyone on Raw as is proven by the reaction Jeff receives every time he is introduced. I am genuinely happy for the younger of the two Hardy brothers. Matt is doing great on Smackdown as well and who’s to say that both brothers couldn’t be champions at the same time as individual performers?

On the direction of the WWE Divas:

I don’t know the WWE’s long term vision for the Divas nor have I asked. I do know that there are some really talented Divas who represent themselves well in the ring even though it seems that some fans don’t take a Diva wrestling match as seriously as they do the men for whatever reason. I personally have no issues with Diva matches whatsoever but I will never enjoy them the same as The King!

WWE Hall of Fame:

I would suggest to you that Rock, Austin and Foley are all locks for the WWE Hall of Fame at some point.

On the mic Skills of Chris Jerhico vs that of Mr.Kennedy:

Jericho has better mic skills today than Mr. Kennedy in my opinion simply because Jericho has much more experience. Nonetheless, Kennedy is going to be super on the mic long before his career comes to an end. I personally expect great things from Kennedy if he can avoid long term injuries and continue to master his craft.

On Lita:

Lita was hugely talented and should never ever be forgotten as she was one of the best performers ever in the WWE, male or female. As it relates to how Lita and Trish were utilized, Trish was rarely anyone’s “sidekick” for any long lengths of time, while Lita often times found herself aligned with other talents. To say who was better, Trish or Lita, would be tricky as I hired them both and am proud to have been a small part of each’s success. I miss them both a great deal, I can assure you of that, and I am sure many fans would concur.

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