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Sunday Last Minute Great American Bash News and Notes

Great American Bash is just a few hours away, here are some last minute News and Notes before the show kicks off in San Jose, CA.

* The Show is sold out, and has been for sometime. This of course means that the crowd should be hot from the get-go, making this show come across better from a TV standpoint.

* Two matches have been added since our preview on Friday - Carlito vs. Sandman in a cane on a pole match & Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore for the cruiserweight title. Both are basic filler matches, and without much detail, we'll go with Chavo and Carlito to win the two matches. The two extra matches brings the total to 9, making this decent sized card. Expect short matches from Carlito & Sandman, as well as the women's title match.

* There has been a tone that Bobby Lashley will win the WWE Title tonight from John Cena. The whole time it's been about timing, and that it's time for Cena to take a break from having the title. There has even been talk about Lashley winning, then there being a rematch next month at SummerSlam. Following the RAW house show in Visalia, CA on Friday, there is even more of an interesting ending being talked about. That ending could be Lashley going heel and turning on Cena. The two had a run though, and Randy Orton and Umaga came out, ending the match with no ending. Then after a square off between Lashley and Cena, Lashley laid out Cena. This could be an interesting end to the PPV that many don't see coming. Of course many are still calling for Randy Orton to beat Cena at SummerSlam for the belt (like he beat Chris Benoit a few years back) and then defending the belt against Triple H at WrestleMania.

* Our first podcast on Let's Wrestle - the "Let's Wrestle Great American Bash Post Game Podcast" will be up later tonight after the show with myself and John Sefcik. Be sure to check it out as we break down the show as well as what will happen in the aftermath.

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