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Wednesday Update: Great American Bash, Smackdown Title, Cena vs Lashley, HHH

Seven matches are currently on the docket for Great American Bash on Sunday in San Jose, with more than likely one more match to be added, and that match may be King Booker vs Jerry "The King" Lawler, which can be easily added after Monday's little tiff on RAW. The show is also set to be highlighted by the return of Rey Mystero, who will be on the show, but as of right now it does NOT look like he will be wrestling. Mystero is set to make his return in ring on 7/24, which is the Smackdown/ECW taping after the Great American Bash.

The World Heavyweight Championship will be a three-way, which we spoke of yesterday, as they are going to move forward with the new champ - Khali, vs Batista and Kane. The company is now basically mocking the fact that each and every world heavyweight champion gets hurt, and they even have an article on the webiste about it. I can't imagine that long term Khali is going to hold on to the strap, but for right now, it looks as if they don't have many options unless they just want to put the belt back on Batista. I would think based on the show right now, we'll see a singles match for the title between Khali and Batista at SummerSlam with a possible stip involved.

RAW was based a lot around the WWE Title match with John Cena vs Bobby Lashley, with a bunch of other WWE stars giving their picks for the match to make it look more legit. The funny thing about the match for Sunday is that there is little chance at this point they are going to put the belt on Lashley, as Cena is still the plan long term, and a match with Orton is sure to be next at SummerSlam.

Another feud upcoming on the RAW side is HHH vs King Booker, which will be the comeback feud for HHH. They teased this on RAW Monday, as they played HHH's music, but then it was Booker that came out to mock Hunter, and then he made the challenge basically to Lawler. This is a decent comeback feud for Triple H, and as stated here earlier, the only two guys that they should put HHH up against in a legit feud was Kennedy or Booker. They went with Booker, in a feud that should see Triple H come out on top to start his rise once again.

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