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Maina 23 Not Shaping up to be as Strong as Last Year

WrestleMania 23 is now one week away. The WWE's biggest show of the year will come to Ford Field, and with it tons of fans all over the world on PPV. I was at WrestleMania 22 in Chicago last year, and again this year will be heading to Detroit for the 23rd edition of Mania. I have been doing enough looking not only at last year's card, but this years as well, and have come to the conclusion that with all they have put into the show this year, I am booking that it will not be as good as the 2006 version.

That may be unfair based on the fact that we have not seen the show yet, but I am going by the matches that have been booked on the card, as well as the fact they have spent way too much time pushing the wrong match - the hair vs hair match with Lashley vs Umaga, aka Trump vs McMahon. I would hate to see the company make a huge error in judgement and make that the last match on the show, as that spot really needs to be reserved for Cena vs Michales.

I would have to think that they have to add at least 1 or two more matches to the card for next week, as right now at 8 matches the card just does not even match up to 2006. Last year they had 11 matches, with a mix of some good (Edge vs Foley, triple threat for the World Heavyweight title, HHH vs Cena for the WWE Title), some okay (Money in the Bank, James vs Trish for the Womens title, Show and Kane vs Masters and Carlito for the World Tag titles), and some just bad (Torrie vs Candice pillow fight, Boogeyman vs Booker and Sharmell). This year the two main events look very strong, but the rest of the card really seems to be lacking that extra push.

I think that if you had an Edge vs Foley type match, that would really push the card to the next level, but instead, they have put a lot of their eggs in the basket of Lashey and Umaga, and while the outside stuff of that match should be interesting, the inside the ring action could be really bad. Chris Benoit vs MVP looks like a squash, Melina vs Ashley is not as strong as last years Mickie vs Trish. The Money in the Bank match is stronger on paper, but the one wrestler that made that match for the last two years was Shelton Benjamin, who is not in it this year.

Kane vs Khali is going to be tough to watch, and I don't really have too many high hopes for the ECW match either, as unless they really pull out all the weapons that should be used in that type of match, which so far as yet to be announced, it looks as if that match will be somewhat lackluster.

So am I down on this years card? I guess with all that I have written about it - yeah, I really am starting to think that the card is not going to be as good as even last year. The two main events are going to really have to carry this card, as the undercard is just not going to measure up. I can see them giving both title matches 25-30 minutes, with the Michales-Cena match getting 30-35 minutes. I also hope they still consider adding 1-2 matches, becuase they still have plenty of big name wrestlers still on the sideline watching.

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