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Plenty to Talk About as Mania Draws Near

WrestleMania is now less than two weeks away, and the final card for the show has yet to be put into place 100 percent, but we know the big matches, as well as the second-tier matches that will make up the show. On paper, this card looks better in my opinion than last year, with Shawn Michaels vs John Cena having the makings of a very good match, and the World Heavyweight Title match with Batista vs Undertaker should be good as well. I have high hopes for the Taker-Batista match, as I think that the emotion for the bout is there, and with the Taker being the fan favorite, they really can let Batista go and be aggressive and show a little more killer instinct than normal. They have tried to make the Taker-Batista match a face vs face affair, but they are out of their minds if they think that Batista is going to get cheered in Detroit. Remember in 1991 at Survivor Series in Detroit when Taker, then a pronounced heel, got cheered in his WWF title match vs ultimate fan favorite Hulk Hogan? With that said, you don't think that Taker, now a future Hall of Famer and legend won't be the more over face in this match? Think again.

As for the Michaels-Cena match, this should be your main event, as these two have the makings of putting on a great show for the over 70,000 at Ford Field. Watching WWE 24/7 over the weekend and seeing the final few minutes of last year's HHH-Cena match, I recall how pumped the crowd was in Chicago, and the bitterness when Cena made HHH tap out. I have a feeling that the same can happen this year, as already in various matches your hearing Cena get booed again. It's so funny to me that Cena goes the whole year, either as the champion or not, and gets basically cheered, especially at house shows. Then you get to the biggest event of the year, and he can be fighting the most hated heel, or the biggest fan favorite, and he gets booed. It's one of the more bizarre things in the sport I have ever seen. Will Cena lose? He could. Then again, I don't see what they would get with putting the belt on Shawn, as his time as a World Champion in my opinion has passed. They are better off keeping it on Cena, and a possible 2nd main event with Michaels at Backlash would be something they could pull off.

Speaking of which, I am happy that the WWE has decided go ahead and make each PPV a combo of all three brands again, meaning that instead of just watching Smackdown, RAW, or ECW grapplers for $40, now we'll be able to see all three at once, like Mania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble or Survivor Series. Those PPV's always seem to have more of a special feel, and I think now there will be something better to look forward to each month. Add that into the fact we'll be seeing guys go between shows a little more, and the interest level in all three shows should be higher. While some disagree, I think that it will give the company a better chance to build stars, and with guys going up against different guys and not the same old, it will make it better. Just my two cents.

Tonight starts a heavy week of wrestling, both on TV and live for me as we get closer to Mania. At 7pm tonight at a local Marc's store, Kane will be there making a live appearance, and while I have never met him, I am looking forward to him being there. On Tuesday night at Quicken Loans Arena, there is the SmackDown/ECW tapings, which I will be at live with the wife. Then Saturday, WWE comes to Canton, about 55 miles south of Cleveland, for a RAW house show, where we'll be second row. Then of course the night of the 30th it's time to head to Detroit for Mania. RAW tonight is in Indy, with tons more build for Mania, and another Hall of Fame announcement, which we are expecting to be The Wild Samoans.

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