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SmackDown 3/16

Finally the WWE got their last night of TV for the week right as they had a very solid SmackDown! complete with a great main event with King Booker and Undertaker going at it. They also made the official announcement of MVP vs Chris Benoit for WrestleMania, and also there was a very good match with Matt Hardy scoring a pinfall win over Ken Kennedy. The night was capped off with the Taker vs Booker match that saw Batista at the announcer booth, and after Finely got involved and Taker recovered, he threw Finley into Batista, which was a cool visual.

The open of the show was "Miz TV" with Batista beating on Miz after Miz pulled a trick of turning off the lights as if Taker was there. It was funny, and at first of course it looked as if Batista would play along, but then he turned and beat on Miz, and laid him out with a Batista Bomb. It was a good open, and a good way to get some more heat on the whole title match on Mania for Taker and Batista.

The other stuff on the show was well done, and it really was some great build towards Mania. The Kane-Davari "match" was not much of a match, but just more of a way to build the Kane-Khali match that is also now official for Mania. The WWE put some pics on their site of the back of Davari, as they built it that Kane did some things off screen to the former Khali manager that caused the injuries.

There was also an okay six-person tag with the tag champs, London and Kendrick with Ashley, vs Melina and MNM. The heels got the win in the end and I am starting to think that they are going to build a MNM vs London & Kendrick match for the big show at Mania. That would be a good match, or they may put another team or two and make it a four way. Whatever they do, they have to find a shot for London and Kendrick.

All in all, they did a nice job with this show. I'll be live at the SmackDown/ECW tapings this next week here in Cleveland, so I will post some thoughts right away on the show, and then do reports on Wednesday and Saturday like normal.

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