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ECW 3/13

ECW on Tuesday night on Sci-Fi was a quick, three match show that was highlighted by the continued breakup of Rated RKO, Edge and Randy Orton. The premise was that Orton was to take on Bobby Lashley after Edge suggested the match on Monday night to Vince McMahon. Vince agreed to do the match, and then at the start of ECW, Edge and Orton argued, with Orton saying that Edge was setting him up. Edge contended that was not the case, and that he would have Orton's back. The Lashley-Orton match was pretty bland, and Edge ended up getting thrown out of the ringside area when he interfered right in front of the ref.

Without Edge, Orton was pinned clean by Lashley after a few spears and then a powerslam. The show ended simply with Vince staring down Lashley. As I suggested in the RAW review, I am starting to get really concerned that the Lashley-Umaga (aka: Trump-McMahon) match is going to be pushed as the main event, with the match being the last on the Mania card April 1st. There is a lot to offer on the Mania card, and the two big title matches should be pushed as the two true main events, with the Trump-McMahon saga being third last. As stated though before, I think this thing is going to get pushed to the top, which is dangerous considering how bland Bobby Lashley's in-ring wrestling can be at times.

The other two matches on the card was a simple New Breed and ECW Originals battle royal, with Tommy Dreamer getting the push with throwing out two New Breed's for the win. As usual with this one, its a head scratcher considering that RVD really should be the Original that is pushed as high as anyone. If the Originals win, which I think they do at Mania, at least give RVD the pin. Also, at what point do they make this an "Extreme Rules" match, and if they don't - what are they thinking?

Snitsky also made his in-ring debut for the company on TV, and beat up two jobbers fast, which is the exact route they should take with him. After the Mania stuff, I can see Lashley vs Snitsky for about a month as being the main event on TV as well as house shows across the country. They also had a Mick Foley interview, which was about as forgettable as anything Foley has done in sometime. He usually is pretty strong in this role, but here was not really all that good. Another hour of basic build towards Mania.

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