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SmackDown 3/09

WWE SmackDown Friday night was highlighted by four matches, including two with the main event guys from WrestleMania going over against decent opponents - Batista beating Kane, and Undertaker beating Finley. Both men won clean with pins, which is exactly the way it should have been booked as now with less than three weeks left to Mania both men have to be protected to the upmost.

The rest of the show was okay, and the wrestling on the show went from pretty good (Booker beating Matt Hardy) to decent (Kennedy beating CM Punk). I think the important thing as we head to Mania, is that the top guys get protected, while at the same time the mid-level guys don't just get shown up week after week. Both Hardy and Punk showed some good offense, and the two of them losing should not stop them from being a big part of the Money in the Bank match at Mania.

Speaking of which, I still think Orton wins that match, but I can see some serious thought being given to Kennedy as well taking home the briefcase. I think that we'll see Kennedy get a huge push this year, and with it at some point could come a world title. As for the other semi-big announcement on the show, they had a lame Miz TV segment with The Miz, and he had Ashley on. Within a minute or so of the interview, Melina came down as well, and finally we had Ashley challenge her for the title at Mania. That should become offical this week.

The other challenge for Mania which will be more of a squash if its done right, is MVP telling Teddy Long that he wants Chris Benoit in a match for the US Title. Sorry MVP, if the bookers make this done the right way, this should be nothing more than a 4-5 minute match with Benoit getting a rather easy win. The show as a whole was pretty good, and once again we should have a solid week of TV heading up as we get closer and closer to Mania.

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