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Wednesday News and Notes; Hall of Fame, WM III, Hardcore Diaries

Mania is now just 18 days away, and plenty of things are happening in and out of the ring. Here are some news and notes that you may find of interest with the mega-event close approaching:

* The WWE Hall of Fame is heating up, as now with the announcement on Monday night of Mr.Fuji, we are up to five men going in, with reports saying that three more are to come.
Sources say we are still to expect The Wild Samoans, Jim Ross, and the Shiek all to get the nod for the event. It's a somewhat weak class in my opinion, and when people look back at this year, they will likely remember it more for Jerry Lawler and Ross going in more than anything else. I guess with Hogan and Piper two years ago, and Hart and Guerrero last year, you had to expect a letdown this year. While the event is a sellout, ticket demand this year is nothing like it was the last two years.

* I am 36 pages so far into "The Hardcore Diaries" by Mick Foley and so far, so good. I read Mick's last two books, and one of the few negative things I can say is that he sometimes rambles on about things that have nothing to do with the subject he's talking about. Mick is also the king of getting mentions of obscure people in his books, like past college friends and school teachers. The book is basically a trek through the last year of Foley in the WWE, with stories of the feud with Edge, as well as the ECW match at One Night Stand, to the awful go around with Ric Flair including this past years SummerSlam. I have really yet to read anything all that shocking, but with plenty of book left I am sure there will be 1-2 things of note in there.

* While I will always consider WrestleMania III the best of all-time, I am a little disappointed by the latest two-disc DVD Championship Edition that they released with the event. I had high hopes going in that there would be tons of interviews, behind the scenes footage, and extras that would make the $18 purchase worth it. Instead, they just put the event on one disc with some 1987 interviews off of shows like Wrestling Challenge and Superstars of Wrestling, and then on disc two it was more of the same, with the event again this time with snipits of interviews from the WrestleMania All-Day access show they did before WrestleMania 16, and pop-ups on various facts from the show. Needless to say, I think the WWE missed the boat on this one.

* There has been a lot of internet talk about what HHH will do when he returns in late summer, most likely at SummerSlam. The latest is that with Rated RKO breaking up, HHH will feud with whoever is the heel from that team, with a match at the PPV event. The Rated RKO breakup is going to not happen till after Mania, but as anyone can see, the foundation for it has been set, and I think that based on what we've seen, Randy Orton comes out of the breakup as the face. Orton has never really been a good face, so it will be interesting how they think this time will be any different.

* Being a huge fan of the Rock, I thought it was about time we saw him on WWE TV this past week, cutting a promo against Vince McMahon on RAW Monday night. The build up was great with him holding the newspaper, and until he did the loud "Finally" I had no idea who it was behind that newspaper. Rock can still be a great draw for anything that he does, much like Steve Austin currently is. Maybe they can work out a deal to bring him back in a referee role or enforcer role for a big upcoming PPV. Bottom line is the more Rock the better.

* Being in the Northeast and in Ohio there is plenty of live wrestling coming up, and the next three weeks yours truly will be very busy. First we have the live taping of SmackDown and ECW in six days at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, then that weekend about 50 miles south in Canton at the Civic Center we have a RAW house show on the 24th. Six days after that we pack up and leave for Detroit for Mania, with the Hall of Fame on Saturday and the event on Sunday. The following day wrestling returns to Ohio with the post-RAW in Dayton. Let's hope gas prices stay low so these treks don't make me go broke.

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