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WWE Bids Farewell to Nine Performers

The firing line was out at the WWE headquarters on Thursday, as reports have up to 9 wrestlers being let go by the company. Many of the names are third and fourth tier wrestlers and all were either on the SmackDown or ECW brands, which is of note that no RAW talent was released. Below are the wrestlers that were let go:

Sylvester Terkay - A big man that never really got over on SmackDown, then was moved to ECW where he only wrestled I believe once or twice on TV. The one thing I will recall about Terkay is how JBL spoke him up week after week about his college wrestling record.

Christopher W. Anderson - I think had one TV shot with ECW, and old ECW talent that you could see the company never really had any long-term plans for.

Jazz - At one point was one of the most prominent female wrestlers on the WWE roster, she was involved in numerous womens matches on PPV's including WrestleMania 18 where she beat Trish and Lita to keep the womens title.

Rodney Mack - Husband to Jazz, a guy who has had few go arounds with the company with little to no success.

Tony Mamaluke - A member of the FBI on ECW, was a bigger name in the past with ECW. Involved in a few squash matches with the ECW brand on TV over the past few months.

Danny and Doug Bashams - Two talented guys that were two-time tag champs, they also were on WrestleMania XX at Madison Square Garden. They were serving as Paul Heymans security recently on ECW.

Gymini - Two guys that were alomst identical to the Bashams, they never really got off the ground, even with Simon Dean as their manager.

Al Snow - Snow was let go from his in-ring contract, and will stay with the company as a trainer. He is another guy that has been hired and fired about five times in his career with the company.

Gangrel - Where had/has he been? I don't think we've seen him on TV for about two years, and him being fired doesn't really make an impact whatsoever.

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