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ECW 1/16

All that hype for nothing. That was the feeling after viewing the ECW brand of TV on Tuesday night. While the show for sure was not the worst that the brand has turned out, the main event really had a lot of people feeling empty. The triple-threat was Bobby Lashley putting his ECW Title on the line vs Test and RVD. While we all know that for some strange reason RVD is totally in the doghouse, the match I thought lacked, and in the end it was Lashley going over with a clean pin of RVD after a powerslam. The show ended with Test laying out Lashley with the belt, meaning that no matter if we like it or not, that program is going to continue. I wish they would just give into what the crowd wants, and give RVD a run with the title again.

The show began with the "return" of academy award winning actress Kelly Kelly, who proceeded to come out and bore fans with teases of skin next week with another diva. That interview was cut short by Matt Striker, who looked great in a blue sweater. After he yelled for a few minutes, we had Striker and C.M. Punk, who was a decent match concluding with Punk winning with a backslide after Kelly "exposed" herself to Striker. While Punk is a star in the making, Kelly bores me to death.

The show will be marked with the debut of Monty Brown, or actually "The Alpha Male" Marquis Cor Van, who took on Cassidy Reilly. Brown, who comes from TNA with a lot of backstage fanfare, is a solid addition to the roster, and should be around for some time in a major role. If he does things right, he could have a major impact before its all said and done. He of course got the win over Cassidy with an armbar.

The Sandman vs. Elijah Burke was a pretty bad bout, and they had Burke go over with a roll up of the tights for a cheap win. The match was typical, as it was more about Sandman's entrance than it was about actual wrestling. Then it was on to the main event, wrapping up a show that could have been a lot more than what it was. I had high hopes for the show, and as usual with the ECW brand, I was let down with the end result.

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