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Random Thoughts In and Around The Ring

Couple of interesting things news wise out today as we get set for tonights airing of SmackDown and the big six-man tag on the new CW:

* I am looking forward to getting and reading Eric Bishoffs new book. I think if he had a chance to really share some of the inside stuff, it should make for a good read. Bishoff is one of the more interesting guys in the history of the business considering his background and what he ended up doing in the business. I hope that the stories are not too far off from the truth like some other wrestling books tend to be.

* There were plenty of rumors last week that John Bradshaw Layfield was done with the WWE and stepping away from his role in the company and on SmackDown. Well, now that is clearly not the case. JBL signed a new long-term deal, and came out on the company's website and blasted the internet reports about his leaving the company. "There was truth to [the rumors]. Doing commentary but not being able to wrestle bothered me; being close to something that I love and not being involved. It really ate me up," he said to WWE.com. "I talked to WWE officials and [Executive Vice President of Television Production} Kevin Dunn about leaving commentary because I was heartbroken that I couldn't wrestle not because I wanted to quit the business." JBL's commentary is one good reason to watch SmackDown, so I for one am glad he's sticking around.

* Couple of wrestlers coming and going - Kid Kash has been released, this of course means that there will be no more PitBulls tag team with Jamie Noble. Kash had a bad attitude according to sources and this was coming in just a matter of time. Justin Credible, who had gotten praise just a while back from Vince McMahon, has also been let go. Word his he got his release via fax this past week. Too Cold Scorpio, who is tight with King Booker, is on his way in. No word yet as to if he'll be on ECW or SmackDown. MVP has been "signed" to SmackDown, and CrymeTime will be making their debut on RAW within the next two weeks. Still awaiting the TV debut of the late Davy Boy Smith's son - Harry Smith. He was supposed to be on TV by early June, and was winning some impressive house show matches in the spring against guys like Shelton Benjamin. Don't exactly know what happened there.

* Speaking of which, there were some rumors of Benjamin and Charlie Hass getting back together and forming a reprise of Team Angle, which was big back around WrestleMania 19. The word is that Benjamin still does not impress the company with interviews, which is interesting since he has spoken more recently about the whole race angle and he is doing on RAW with the Coach.

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