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Vince Ticked About Creative as Mania Gets Near

It’s WrestleMania time and the drama within WWE is still running wild. Vince McMahon has flipped out more recently including blown gaskets regarding the buzz for the Chris Jericho WrestleMania match. Vince lost his mind when the 1.9 SmackDown rating from two weeks ago came in and has been saying one of his goals for the WWE Draft is to make RAW better.

There’s a feeling in WWE that considering how thick the SmackDown roster is right now plus appearances by RAW talents, a 1.9 rating is pretty embarrassing. Vince has been name-dropping Bruce Prichard lately as a possible addition to the SmackDown writing team to help Michael Hayes. The head of WWE creative, Stephanie McMahon, hates Prichard and blows Vince off every time he brings the name up. Of course, in the end, if Vince wants Prichard back then he will have him back. We reported last year that Prichard was done with WWE but technically he is still under contract until June. It’s also known that Jeff Jarrett has brought Prichard up in TNA meetings so as June gets closer, Vince might change his mind on letting go of Prichard.

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