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Jericho Won't Have Charges For February Incident

The Times Colonist in Canada is reporting that no charges will be brought forth stemming from the February incident in British Columbia, Canada where fans swarmed Chris Jericho's rental car as he was leaving the Arena, leading to Jericho getting out of the car and into a physical confrontation with several fans. 20-year-old Ashley Levey, the woman seen in the videos, and her boyfriend, Kalen Johl, were arrested on assault charges but later released.

At the time, they claimed the incident was sparked by an alleged racist comment made by Jerico. Levey claimed in a previous Times Colonist article that Johl was heckling Jericho as he was driving away, leading to Jericho getting out of his vehicle, and making a racist comment to Johl, who is Asian. She also claimed Jericho shoved Johl, which led her to calling him a racist, at which point Jericho spit and punched her.

Although Levey stated that she wanted Jericho charged with assault, those charges were never brought forth. None of the video footage (taken from cell phone cameras) showed Jericho making any racist comments and there were wildly varying reports of the incident almost immediately.


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