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JR Updates His Blog - Foley, Coach, MVP

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. This time he took a shot and spoofed the recent story on MVP’s backstage heat over comments made to a WWE drug test monitor, that we posted on the site yesterday. Here are the highlights:

- JR on Mick Foley leaving WWE: The speculation regarding Mick Foley allowing his contract to lapse with the WWE and knowing at least a portion of Mick’s future plans has finally ended. Obviously, Mick cannot and will not be a full time wrestler for any organization but one can easily see Mick wrestling sporadically meaning once or twice a year if everyone involved in this scenario is of sound mind. Mick has many diverse, creative interests and my sense is that he is looking to explore TV opportunities that might come his way. Many of us have said for years that Mick would be great in a TV sitcom. Plus Mick has many more books left to write. No matter what Mick does I wish him only the best. It will be interesting to see how Mick is utilized and one can bet a slab of ribs that subject will be under the proverbial microscope by many within the business and more specifically the ‘rasslin media. As I see it, and remember this is merely one man’s opinion, it would appear that Mick did not burn any bridges with the WWE and a return engagement with the WWE isn’t beyond the realm of possibilities for Mick Foley in the future. No one in their right mind can argue that Mick Foley isn’t WWE Hall of Fame worthy at some point in the future.

- JR on Coach: Yours truly caught Jonathan Coachman reading the sports news on ESPN News a night or two ago. Coach looks good, relaxed and did a really nice job. I assume these anchors have to write their own copy and Coach did well there too and did not try and make the newscast about him or use forced humor.

- JR on SmackDown: Friday Night Smackdown debuts on October 3 on MyNetworkTV. I wonder if there will be any major changes on the show prior to then? Could someone be “future endeavored” prior to the debut? Will any major guests be booked for the premier? Could any trades be on tap? Why is the sky blue?

- JR spoofing the recent MVP news story: Did you hear about the MAJOR altercation in the locker room area of a recent wrestling event where a top hand had it out with a tester. Seems as if someone in catering failed to test the mashed potatoes and they weren’t creamy and buttery enough and there was quite the issue that ensued. Thank goodness that the fish that was throughly cooked that day or this matter could have gotten really ugly and made big news on the ‘net. I hear a team meeting will be held to discuss this issue but that the potato matter won’t be specifically addressed. Hey, being a tester and doing one’s job can be very…”testy.”

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