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Possible Good News on Michaels' Tricep Tear

F4WOnline.com reported Tuesday evening that the prognosis on Shawn Michaels’ triceps injury should produce sighs of relief within World Wrestling Entertainment.

According to the story, the word going around is that Michaels only suffered a minor tear of the muscle. Consequently, surgery does not appear necessary.

Reports say that Michaels was never going to miss Sunday’s Unforgiven match against Chris Jericho, but had the injury required surgery, he would have missed several months following the pay-per-view. He still might miss time, but that absence will not be significant.

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HBK is a "man's man". He's been through so much throughout his career and never missed a beat. He was out for a few years...but anyone with those same injuries probably woulda retired. Besides Triple H and Cena, no one evn comes close to his dedication to the fans and WWE. And when he finally does retire, he's deserved the right to go out however and whenever he pleases. Great job and great career HBK. Thank you.

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