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Eight is Enough

Not really much of a warm up for Unforgiven on ECW as they saved their big match for last night on Raw with a Battle Royal featuring the Championship scramble participants. Instead they started off the show with a special Dirt Sheet with the same men from last night. And like the last time we has a live Dirt Sheet the guest erupted into fist to cuffs and for some reason were joined by Tommy Dreamer and Evan Bourne. This lead GM Teddy Long to put together a eight man tag match featuring the warring factions. As with these types of matches nothing really stands out just due to the shear volume of men participating. It's not to say the match wasn't good, it just really didn't build much for the pay per view. The end featured the face side all taking turns getting their shots on Mark Henry in the ring, then each guy took out another member of the heel side. It ended with Matt Hardy putting the twist of fate on Henry and getting the pin. This match really showed the lack of faces in ECW with Hardy really the only big name right now. The rest to the guys can give good matches but other than Bourne, who still needs to sharpen his skills, none of the others are a major draw.

The other matches featured the new star initiative with Super Crazy defeating Gavin Spears and Ricky Ortiz keeping his undefeated streak alive over Ryan Braddock. There has been talk the writing staff is not impressed with most of the new talent and after his match with Super Crazy you can see why Spears is on that list. The match was very slow and I really can't recall anything impressive about either guy. You know you can get an obligatory extreme performance out of Crazy so he has value there, but Spears brings nothing to the table. Ortiz is still getting a decent reaction from the fans and some were waving the Big O rally towels, but he needs to face tougher competition to see what he is really made of. He has great energy and loves to interact with the fans, but the jury is still out in my opinion on his in ring talents. As for Braddock he gets another TV loss and I'm not sure if there is a role for him in the WWE. He falls into another of those larger bruiser types that the company has plenty of. Unless there is something he has yet to show I really don't think we will be seeing much of him in the coming months.

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