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Let's Talk Wrestling WWE Draft Post Show Report

Matt Loede and John Sefcik are back, as the pair from Let's Talk Wrestling break down the WWE Draft from RAW on Monday night. The two go through all the picks, give their opinions on wrestlers changing brands, and the big news about belts changing brands and how that will play out. Click below to hear the latest Let's Talk Wrestling Podcast as Matt and John Break down the WWE Draft.

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On the JR move - don't be so set in your mind that Smackdown will always be in the shadow of Raw. The move of Smackdown to a broadcast network come October should be seen as no trivial thing, even if the target network is the least watched of the 6 broadcast networks. My Network has 196 affiliates (at last count), and it has to be a very high priority with WWE to be the #1 show on that network. If that be true, then why not put their #1 broadcaster into the effort?

good thinking on making Smack Down the #1 show. Let us not discount the fact it is on free TV as opposed to Raw being on cable. What a better way to reach more viewers than making the brand that everybody gets become the top show. and now it has the biggest name in the WWE on it. could be a changing of the times for the WWE

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