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Hardy Talks About Why He Was Suspended

From: PWPIX.net

Jeff Hardy appeared on the Live Audio Wrestling radio show last night. He said he considers himself to be a main event type performer despite his lack of size. He believes he's a champion with or without the belt. Regarding the week in which he was suspended and his house burned down, Hardy said, "It was extremely rough." On his suspension, it was finally revealed as to what triggered it. Hardy said he took something that he didn't have a prescription for. "I made a mistake," Hardy said on the suspension. Hardy said he wouldn't mind being drafted to SmackDown because he would enjoy having Fridays off due to the house show schedule.

"Whatever happens, happens," said Hardy. He also added that it would be a blast if he ended up on the same brand as his brother. He said Gregory Helms is doing better and on the verge of returning from his injury. "The last time I saw him he looked great," said Hardy. Hardy also said that he prefers his former nickname in TNA to the one currently being used in WWE. Hardy said Jim Ross came up with the nickname "The Rainbow Haired Warrior" and that he actually isn't too fond of it, but the fans seem to like it, so it's not so bad. His nickname in TNA was "The Charismatic Enigma."


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