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Can we Please Leave the Theme Music Alone?!

Wrestling entrances and music have become one over the past 20 or so years. Nothing makes a crowd pop more than when a wrestling theme hits that maybe fans have not heard for awhile, or a fan favorite riding high is coming to the ring and the crowd pops for him once they hear his song. It's part of the sport, and has been for sometime and always will be.

Which is why today I sit in disgust with some of the "new" themes that the WWE is rolling out for wrestlers when they come to the ring. The song that is most disturbing to me right now is the new song for Randy Orton, a heel who should have the darkest or the most evil music you can have, metal yes, but a ballad? If you don't know what I am talking about, listen to Orton's new song, which debuted recently. Sounds more like an 80's love ballad by Great White than a song for a man supposed to be the biggest heel on the RAW roster. Here is the open:

"I hear voices in my head
the council me
they understand
they talk to me"

Uh...what? Yes, voices in my head, sounding more like a bad mid-80's hair band song than a heel's theme. It's almost funny how bad this song is. It comes from Rev.Theory, who the WWE is in love with for their song they used of them at WrestleMania XXIV. Now though they have the distinction of having what I feel is the worst song I may have ever heard on a WWE show.

Add Mr.Kennedy's new "happy" theme that was put to a faster tone (they do that when a wrestler turns face) and Jeff Hardy's new awful song to the list of bad music that the company has rolled out. Now give them their due, they usually do a very good job in placing the music behind the wrestler, with these three themes, they totally have missed the boat for whatever reason.

It's a big deal for the WWE to use these up and coming bands for their music as of late, like a Rev Theory or the band Zididada, who did the music for last weeks Judgement Day PPV. Here's hoping they listen to the fans on this one, becuase Orton, Kennedy and Hardy can go back to their old songs at anytime, because the new versions are something to forget.

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