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25 Most Annoying Gimmicks of All-Time According to WWE.com

WWE.com has a feature listing the 25 Most Annoying gimmicks of all time. They are:

25. Mideon
24. Heidenreich
23. Tiger Ali Singh
22. Mantaur
21. PMS
20. Battle Kat
19. Max Moon
18. Vinnie Vegas
17. "Playboy" Buddy Rose.
16. Aldo Montoya
"Some may argue that this gimmick was just incredible, but we say it just stunk."
15. "Wildman" Marc Mero
"The best thing about Mero's WWE stint was bringing in the blonde bombshell Sable, and even that got old quick."
14. The Spirit Squad
13. The Genius
12. "Real Man's Man" William Regal
11. Glacier
10. Jillian
9. Joel Gertner
8. Repo Man
7. Right to Censor
6. Bill Alphonso
5. Dungeon of Doom
4. Brother Love
3. The Shockmaster
"What annoyed us about The Shockmaster? We are actually more agitated that WCW didn't capitalize on the moment it had on that fateful day in 1993 when Shockmaster came crashing through the wall."
2. Paul Heyman
1. "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart

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