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Tables, Ladders and Chairs, O'my

Pardon the horrible cliched title, but its all I was able think of. So we finally get the announcement tonight the World Heavy Weight title will be contested in a TLC match at One Night Stand. This should be a classic as it's Edges signature match and the addition of the Undertaker only solidifies it. But let's save the discussion of that match for the One Night Stand pod cast. Onto the business at hand and lets take a look Smack Down tonight.

It was good to see Jesse and Fetus back on the show tonight as they joined Cherry while facing Deuce, Domino and Maryse. This match really was more of the men fighting until the very end when the ladies finally made an appearance. Of course it would take Maryse to get the win for the Dice Clay clones. We are starting to see more of Cherry's ability in the ring as she took a good kick to the face from Maryse. Still not sure if this push will work as Cherry most likely will get lost in the shuffle of the better looking faces in the women's division. She has the moves, but unfortunately she does not have the body that makes you popular in the WWE these days, especially for a face.

In the match that features two of my favorite things; the comedic stylings of Hornswoggle and a Chuck Palumbo apperance, we saw Finlay get the win courtesy the shillelagh and the green mist from Hornswoggle. When did Finlay become this lovable character? Isn't he the guy who loves to fight. Enough of the fun entrance music an the horrible pranks played by Hornswoggle on Finlay's opponents. He's an old fashion brawler and that's all he needs. You always get a decent match out of him and the gimmicks only cheapen the quality of wrestling he brings to the ring. And can we please end Palumbo's appearances. They have tried everything to make him get over, and it's not working because he is not that good. Let this bad experiment die already.

Speaking of the dead, we saw Elijah Burke tonight. He teamed up with Shelton Benjamin to take on Matt Hardy and Kofi Kingston. Kingston would pin Benjamen in what was a good match. All of these guys are very athletic and the match was very up tempo. It looks like they want a program between Benjamin and Kingston on ECW, but if Benjamin can show he is willing to work hard I would love to see him up against Hardy. Imagine a ladder match between those two for the US title. We've seen both men put in good performances during Money in the Bank matches, and just having them alone in the ring will only help showcase their abilities.

Kozlov kept his streak alive tonight as he stepped up the food chain of WWE competition. Instead of the usual jobber he faced Nunzio. As I have stated I really don't see Kozlov going over. He is no more than a Russian Snitsky. And if Snitsky can't get people into his character, I doubt being Russian will help. Either they need to rework Kozlovs character or by next year we will be asking Vladimir Kozlov who?

When will we make the Batista and MVP program official. Tonights match was made due to Batista coming to Teddy Long's aid on the VIP Lounge. MVP was threatening Long until Batista came out and trashed the Lounge. These two had great matches leading up to Wrestle Mania and currently are not involved in a major program. Yes Batista meets HBK at One Night Stand, but that story line is not working and I really can't see it continuing. This would be great for MVP as Batista is a huge crowd favorite and any program of that magnitude can only help those involved. I really feel MVP has what it takes to become a major player for either the WWE or Heavy Weight titles. A solid group of matches with Batista will give him his opportunity.

In a bit of payback for leaving the ring last week for Vickie's match versus the Undertaker, Chavo found himself taking on the Dead Man. Edge, Bam Neely, Hawkins and Ryder supposed to be at ring side to make sure Chavo would be all-right, but they were ejected and sent back to the locker room. This allowed the Undertaker to deliver a message to Edge via the tombstone to Chavo. It should be interesting to see if this signals the end for la familia as Chavo is showing signs of tiring of Edge and Vickie's antics.

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